My #1 Tip for Living a Guilt-Free Lifestyle

Let me ask you two questions. Are you constantly feeling guilty or stressed because of the decisions you make? Would you like to be free of your guilt? If the answers to these questions are "yes," then I have a tip for you! STOP THINKING GENERICALLY AND WRITING GOALS THAT AREN'T SPECIFIC…YOU ARE CAUSING YOUR OWN […]... Read More
Strategies to get more done in less time

Strategies to Get More Done in Less Time

When I say the number 1,440, does that mean anything to you? Do you know what this number represents? It is the number of minutes in one day. If you had 1,440 apples; that would seem like a lot of apples. If you had to drive 1,440 miles, that would seem like a lot of miles. […]... Read More