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The Simple Four

  The Simple Four By: Kayla Howard   Let's talk about food.  When I teach people about healthy eating, I like to encourage the 80/20 rule.  That means to aim at eating 80% of your foods as real, God-Made food, and only 20% man made foods.  For our family this looks like eating mostly whole […]... Read More
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Our Global Health Crisis and What You Can Do To Change It

We are in the midst of a global health crisis. Despite all of the advances in Pharmaceutical drugs and in our healthcare system, we are a nation that is sicker and weaker than we have ever been. America needs a new prescription for it's healthcare and it is not in the form of a pill. […]... Read More
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Why No One Diet Works For Everyone

Here is some food for thought… Take a look at yourself, your family and your circle of friends. Take a look at the people you work with. Take a look at everyone you see when you shop at the grocery store. Notice the many different shapes, sizes, personalities and attitudes? It’s amazing how anyone could […]... Read More
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Easy Tips to Help You Prepare Home Cooked Meals and Avoid Drive Through Windows – Part 2

Taking time to cook health-promoting meals can be easy, simple and fun. With a little advanced planning and bulk cooking, you can whip up several dinners in a flash on those busy week nights. Below I will show you how to take precooked brown rice to plan dinner for three days and beyond with little […]... Read More
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Easy Tips to Help You Prepare Home Cooked Meals and Avoid Drive Through Windows – Part 1

After a day of working eight hours or running around shuffling kids, it can feel agonizing to think about going home to make dinner for our families. Busy schedules are causing families to turn towards fast food and ordering takeout way too often. Not only is this an expensive habit, it is not teaching our […]... Read More