Nutrition vs Calories Matrix - Diet of the Best Foods

Why No One Diet Works For Everyone

Here is some food for thought… Take a look at yourself, your family and your circle of friends. Take a look at the people you work with. Take a look at everyone you see when you shop at the grocery store. Notice the many different shapes, sizes, personalities and attitudes? It’s amazing how anyone could […]... Read More
Food Pantry

Easy Tips to Help You Prepare Home Cooked Meals and Avoid Drive Through Windows – Part 3

Every home needs a well-stocked kitchen. This is a life saver when time gets away from you. With just a few essential ingredients on hand, I can always throw together a nutritious meal quickly. If I haven’t had time to go to the grocery store, I especially appreciate a well-stocked kitchen so I avoid picking […]... Read More
Tin with tuna

CANNED FISH: Foods That Keep Your Health Up and Your Budget Low – Part 3

I have always had a love for seafood. I am originally from New Orleans where fresh seafood is available in abundance. My absolute favorite food on the planet is boiled crabs…yum, yum! I live in Minnesota now and fresh seafood is hard to come by. Even when it is available, it can be quite pricey. […]... Read More

What’s keeping you from optimal health? The answer has nothing to do with food!

When I started studying nutrition over a year ago, I wanted to learn exactly how food plays a role in our body and how people can allow food to become their medicine to heal. While food is a HUGE part of the equation to the solution of optimal health, what I discovered to be even […]... Read More