Slow Down Your Life! It Is Necessary For Your Overall Wellbeing!

Today’s society moves fast! Everything is based upon speed and convenience. The news of Osama bin Laden’s death was confirmed through Twitter before President Obama even had a chance to announce it on live TV. That is fast!

It is not just how quickly we can see breaking news through tweets that illustrates the speed in our society, it also appears in the way we attempt to take care of our health and bodies. We want tips on easy and fast weight loss. We want a pill that will cure all of our symptoms. We want meals that can be handed to us through a drive through window and call them healthy. I think deep down we all know it doesn’t work this way.

I used to be someone who thrived upon speed and convenience with the fast-paced, always on the go lifestyle I was living. I consumed processed foods and fast foods frequently because slowing down to do otherwise didn’t fit into my schedule. I would eat fast food on the way to work and eat fast food again for lunch while continuing to work at my desk. I made dinner at home but even then, I chose options that were quick and convenient like boxed dinners, chicken nuggets, frozen pizza and white pastas. My days were full of processed junk that were not supplying me with essential nutrients and my body paid for it. In 2007 during a 100 mile bike race, I collapsed and spent the next 6 weeks laid up on a couch with indescribable fatigue, severe anxiety, digestive disorders, vomiting, and rapid weight loss. None of the many doctors I saw could figure out what was wrong with me. I was eventually diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome, given some prescription medications and sent on my way. Long story short, I spent the next several months on a journey to try and figure out why something like this had happened to me and how to never let this happen again.

The answers I found shocked me and I discovered everything I had been doing was wrong both in my food and lifestyle choices.

With fairly simple changes to my diet and lifestyle, I was able to heal my anxiety. I do not experience daily, nagging fatigue. I get tired when it is bedtime and I wake up 7 hours later ready to start my day. I no longer suffer from irritable bowel syndrome, indigestion or heartburn. These changes in my health were because I focused on what I was putting on my fork and where it was coming from, as well as, how I was spending my time.

I used to be someone who could never say no to anyone or any new opportunity. I always had to be busy and I was always in a hurry. No one wonder my body shut down on me. It was telling me I needed to chill!

Fast, convenient, quick…These are great when it comes to how fast the new season of NCIS (I LOVE that show!) comes out on DVD, or how quickly we can get from work to home when we learn new short cuts, or how the speed of the internet can provide us with news and updates. These are aspects of our lives that are ok to speed up but when it comes to our health, we need to slow! things! down!

It is not just necessary for the management and prevention of disease but also for our overall wellbeing.

Here are some topics you can expect to see in my upcoming blog posts on ways to change your health through your fork.

  • Tips on healthy home-cooking
  • Advice on how to make meals work (a Sunday strategy that I use to create many food options from one dish)
  • Mindful eating: Don’t know what this is? I’ll teach you!

Health and blessings!


Randi's passion is to teach people the importance of getting into the kitchen to cook! When people get into the kitchen to cook, they can control their health and their waistline. She uses fresh ingredients and traditional foods in her cooking like butter.  She is a Certified Holistic Health Coach, exercise enthusiast and rep for Young Living Essential Oils (providing natural solutions for your health).

5 thoughts on “Slow Down Your Life! It Is Necessary For Your Overall Wellbeing!

  1. Wow, appreciated that personal story, I experienced a crash like that too, just getting back, nearly 3 years, to wanting to do it again, but think about it all the time, distance running, ultramarathons, thanks Randi!!!

  2. Wow – thanks for sharing your story. I totally agree that we all need to slow down. Somehow I never seem to go that way though. It is hard as there is always more we want to do and learn.
    I’m being forced to go a bit slower with my food though. I found out last week that I need to eat a yeast-free diet. That is forcing me to cook a lot “simpler” and “fresher”. It’s great but more time is needed for planning and prep. I know my body will thank me in the long run though.

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