Healthy, Inexpensive Foods To Eat When You Travel

The holidays are among the busiest long-distance travel (to and from a distance of 50 miles or more) periods of the year. Whether you are headed to see relatives or taking a family ski vacation, there is a good chance you are traveling somewhere.

Expenses are higher during this time of year too with Christmas gifts and food to fill our tables for Thanksgiving and New Year’s. 

To help cut back on expenses while you travel both on the road and in the airport, pack personal snacks and homemade lunches to tote along with you. They are healthier and less expensive by far! 

If you haven’t already noticed, airport food costs a lot! It’s way more expensive than food outside the airport like that at nearby restaurants and from your home. And the closer you get to your gate, the pricier it gets. If you must eat at the airport, try to eat in the main part of the airport and not by your gate. Otherwise, plan in advance and pack your own food. 

Here are some of my favorite healthy and inexpensive travel foods:

#1 Homemade Trail Mix

Visit the bulk section of your super market and select various nuts and dried fruits to create your own trail mix. Buying in bulk will save you money and it will allow you to create your own sensational mix! I like to blend almonds, peanuts, walnuts, dried cranberries or raisins, and something extra sweet like dark chocolate or yogurt almonds. It provides the perfect amount of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats to keep me full and satisfied. 

#2 Carrot Sticks and Nut Butters

Carrot sticks and nut butters are filling snacks that are easy to carry with me when I travel. Plus, there is no mess. Dip the carrot stick in the nut butter and put it in your mouth, no silverware required.

#3 Tuna in a Foil Packet

I love tuna and if you don’t this suggestion won’t be appealing to you. Tuna is a very convenient, healthy food option that can easily be taken along when you travel. The packet is thin and fits right inside your luggage or purse. Grab some condiments like mayonnaise and pepper from a fast food joint and mix it right in. You can even pack bread to take on the plane and make a tuna sandwich! Which leads me to number 4…

#4 Sandwiches

Make a sandwich the morning of your travel and have it with you for the trip. The cost of a homemade sandwich can average as little as $.50 where as the cost of an airport sandwich can be $7.00 or more. If you are traveling with a family of two or more, that can add up really fast. And, they are nothing to brag about. Make homemade roast beef with havarti and jalapeno mustard with lettuce, onion and tomato…yum! Put the tomato in its own baggie and don’t add to the sandwich till you are ready to eat it. That way, it won't make the bread all soggy. 

#5 Fruit and Cheese Tray

You can actually bring food containers through airport security as long as they do not contain liquids. Cutting up some fruit and cheese and putting it in a container to carry with you is totally fine. It makes a delicious, gourmet snack and will totally be better than any fruit and cheese tray you could buy at the airport.  

You do not have to spend a fortune on food when you travel or eat heavy, greasy foods at the airport that could make you uncomfortable and cause some embarrassing digestive issues. 

Take a little bit of time to plan in advance and prepare some of these delicious and inexpensive foods to bring with you.

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