Getting Started

If you are serious about growing your practice with essential oils and changing the lives of your clients, then follow these simple steps to get started!

#1 Purchase Your Start Living with Everyday Oils Kit here.

#2 When you get the product, use it! Don't be afraid of it! You have to use it to discover what it does for you.

#3 Purchase the Reference Guide for Essential Oils. You do not have to be an essential oils expert to begin sharing with others. Whatever it is you or your clients are experiencing; stress, fatigue, struggle with weight loss, diabetes, high cholesterol, allergies, digestive issues, depression, anxiety, etc. this book will provide you with what to recommend to your clients. 


#4 Purchase the Young Living Presentation Bundle Scripts (includes Holistic Healing scripts) to learn how to share Young Living through workshops, home presentations and teleseminars. You can view the scripts here.  I will personally help you set up your first three presentations.

Click here to purchase the presentation bundle for $129 (that's almost half off the listed price).  

#5 Learn how to share and grow your health coaching and Young Living business by listening to these three, free audio trainings from Dani Johnson (the first one changed my life). Click here to access.

#6 Share, share, share!

You will not be doing this alone! Once you purchase your Start Living Kit, I will add you to a Young Living Facebook group of over 700 members, as well as an additional, private Facebook group of 100 members where you can ask your questions and get support.

You will also have continued access to me through phone and email to help you in your journey!

It is truly in my heart to see you succeed in your health and in your finances. If you aren't going to take this seriously, don't bother! But if you are going to "do this thing," go at it with everything that you've got!

You can do it! I believe in you!

If you have any questions, please email me at

May God bless you and prosper you,


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