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Black Friday Special!

Black Friday The holidays are a great time of year to celebrate with friends, family and of course, food! Unfortunately, this makes the holidays a difficult time to keep the extra weight off. Here are some products that may help you keep the weight off but still allow you to eat the foods you want! Peppermint […]... Read More
Woman shopping in supermarket aisle

Don’t Be Fooled By Pretty Food Packaging: What You See Is Not What You Get!

I've been a nutrition geek for a few years now…reading, researching and studying food and nutrition. It is of interest to me because I want to learn how to keep my mind and body healthy, feel great and manage and prevent disease, and help others do it too. My research and study, along with personal […]... Read More
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Need to Relieve Stress? Make Some Bread!

Do you know what I just discovered that I love? Bread making! Good old fashioned, homemade bread making! I am talking about the no shortcut, use your muscles way to make bread! It is so much fun! The next time you are upset or frustrated about something, just get into the kitchen and make some bread. […]... Read More
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How Much Money Do You Spend a Week on Food?

Let me ask you a question: How much money do you spend a week on food? Do you even know? Can you take a guess? If you follow the recommended food guidelines put out by the United State's Department of Agriculture (USDA), you are probably spending anywhere from $124.60 to $241.10 for a family of four […]... Read More
The Future of Food

3 Ways to Avoid Genetically Modified Foods

As many of you know by now, I am a strong supporter of buying local, organic produce as often as possible, or, growing your own. There are several reasons I personally do this and recommend it to others. Reasons like; greater health benefits, less exposure to pesticides, and supporting sustainable agriculture practices. It is not always […]... Read More
Shopping List

Shopping with a Grocery List Saves You Time and Money and Improves Your Health!

As I discussed last week, the best way to take control of your health is to get into the ktichen and cook. We all have busy schedules that can lead to excuses for not getting into the kitchen. If you have a busy schedule and desire to nourish yourself and your family with healthy, home-cooked foods then you […]... Read More
Mother and daughter shopping for fresh produce

Healthy Shopping: A Reference Guide to Buying Produce

    Vegetables, vegetables, fruits…and more vegetables! This is what makes up the produce section of your local supermarket or health foods store. Boy, can it seem like a lot!        It is pretty common knowledge that the number one thing missing from the standard American diet is fresh fruits and vegetables. As a result, obesity, […]... Read More
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Essential Oils for Beginners

I just recently got introduced to the world of aromatherapy! I used to just think it was something else to smell, like instead of using candles, you could burn oils to create a fragrance. Boy, was I wrong! Yes, they do definitely offer amazing smells but they can also be used to fight off disease […]... Read More
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You’ve Heard This Before and I’m Sayin’ It Again…Eat Your Fruits and Vegetables!

Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables every day. I know you know this already, you’ve heard it since you were little. Therefore, I am not going to discuss how vitally important this is. Rather, I am going to focus on ways you can get more fresh fruits and vegetables into your diet that will help […]... Read More

BEANS: Foods That Keep Your Health Up and Your Budget Low – Part 1

I am sure you have heard the funny song about beans and there is definite truth to this jingle. Beans are good for the heart along with many other health benefits and let me tell you the very BEST thing about beans…they are CHEAP. Beans help you control your weight by keeping you satisfied and […]... Read More