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Don’t Throw Away Your Old Apples! Make This Easy Apple Crisp!

Are you constantly emptying out the refrigerator and throwing away old food? Petrified celery? Wilted lettuce? Old, bruised apples? If you are throwing away food, you are buying more than you need. Everything you buy should have a plan for the week. That is why I teach people the importance of meal planning! This saves […]... Read More

My #1 Tip for Living a Guilt-Free Lifestyle

Let me ask you two questions. Are you constantly feeling guilty or stressed because of the decisions you make? Would you like to be free of your guilt? If the answers to these questions are "yes," then I have a tip for you! STOP THINKING GENERICALLY AND WRITING GOALS THAT AREN'T SPECIFIC…YOU ARE CAUSING YOUR OWN […]... Read More
Strategies to get more done in less time

Strategies to Get More Done in Less Time

When I say the number 1,440, does that mean anything to you? Do you know what this number represents? It is the number of minutes in one day. If you had 1,440 apples; that would seem like a lot of apples. If you had to drive 1,440 miles, that would seem like a lot of miles. […]... Read More
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Zap the Blues, Blemishes and Gas with this Natural Solution!

What do the blues, blemishes and gas have in common? The ability to interrupt our daily lives and put us in a bad mood! Sometimes, the blues just get you down; blemishes keep you from wanting to show your face in public; and gas…well…you know how that goes… If there was one inexpensive, natural solution that […]... Read More
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Healthy, Inexpensive Foods To Eat When You Travel

The holidays are among the busiest long-distance travel (to and from a distance of 50 miles or more) periods of the year. Whether you are headed to see relatives or taking a family ski vacation, there is a good chance you are traveling somewhere. Expenses are higher during this time of year too with Christmas gifts […]... Read More
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Black Friday Special!

Black Friday The holidays are a great time of year to celebrate with friends, family and of course, food! Unfortunately, this makes the holidays a difficult time to keep the extra weight off. Here are some products that may help you keep the weight off but still allow you to eat the foods you want! Peppermint […]... Read More
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Potato and Kale Cakes

Yea! Two of my favorite vegetables are in season…potatoes and kale!  I decided to make both of these delicious vegetables in the same dish! The original recipe is from Martha Stewart's Everyday Food and uses bacon. I left the bacon out because I didn't have any and I am a firm believer in using what I […]... Read More

Are We Overmedicating Our Kids?

We have a pill for everything… But just because a pill exists, does that mean we should take it? Or give it to our kids? More and more children are being prescribed medications for mood, focus and concentration, and behavior. There is a place for prescription medications and I will not judge anyone who uses […]... Read More
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Don’t Be Fooled By Pretty Food Packaging: What You See Is Not What You Get!

I've been a nutrition geek for a few years now…reading, researching and studying food and nutrition. It is of interest to me because I want to learn how to keep my mind and body healthy, feel great and manage and prevent disease, and help others do it too. My research and study, along with personal […]... Read More
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Curried Butternut and Acorn Squash Soup

This is an amazing soup that is so rich and creamy you will be surprised it is actually good for you! Butternut and acorn squash are high in fiber, vitamin A, and beta-carotene. The turmeric in the curry powder has anti-inflammatory properties and is great for the liver. Cinnamon can help with pain and stiffness […]... Read More