3 Ways to Take Time for You

Women feel pressure everyday to be everything: the great wife; the great mother; the great housekeeper; the great cook, which after awhile, can wear you down and diminish your spirit. Focusing all of your efforts on everyone else's well being pushes your health and life to the way side, which will eventually cause you to become burnt out. It is extremely important to take time for yourself. You may worry about letting others down or disappointing someone if you have to say no to a request but you will be much happier and be able to give more of yourself when you take time for you. Learning to incorporate you time can feel challenging at first, especially if you have a very busy schedule like most people do, so here are 3 ways to get your you time each day.

1. Start with just 15 minutes a day.

When changing something in your life the best way to ensure you are successful is to begin incorporating the change gradually. For one week, practice taking just 15 minutes for yourself. I recommend doing 15 minutes of quiet time, 15 minutes of yoga, or taking a 15 minute walk. The goal is to find something that relaxes and rejuvenates you. By week two, add 5 more minutes to your you time, week three add another 5 minutes, and so on until you are at your goal of daily you time.

2. Ask your family to participate.

Tell your significant other or spouse and your children that at such and such time each day you are each going to take a certain amount of time for yourselves. Set this time up daily and make it a requirement for everyone. This will keep you from not getting interrupted during your time and it will also give your significant other and children the opportunity to focus on themselves as well. You will be surprised at how quickly your entire family becomes accustomed to this, as well as, looks forward to their "me" time, and how it will change everyone's attitude.

3. Make an appointment with yourself.

When you schedule an appointment with someone else, you block that time off so that no other tasks overlap or interrupt that time. This basically means this time is sacred for that appointment and that appointment only. I recommend you do the same thing for yourself. Schedule an appointment with you to express the importance of taking this time for yourself and hold yourself to keeping that appointment. Do not allow that time to be violated by anything else. Final thoughts: We cannot accomplish much of anything if we neglect to take time for ourselves, so PLEASE take time for you! I encourage you to share this with anyone you feel struggles with taking time for themselves.

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  1. Very well said! This has been a something my wife has used for the last couple of years and our whole family has benefited. It really is the small steps that make any new plan the best way to a success. Thanks Randi.

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